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External Breast Prosthesis Criteria

A breast prosthesis is covered for a patient who has had a mastectomy.

A mastectomy bra (L8000) is covered for a patient who has a covered mastectomy form (L8020) or silicone (or equal) breast prosthesis (L8030) when the pocket of the bra is used to hold the form/prosthesis.

Qualifying ICD-10s to use on the prescription:
      Z85.3, Z90.10, C50.019 C50.919, C79.81, D05.90 or I97.2
      Must use these specific ICD-10’s for Left, Right, or Bilateral

Replacement of External Breast Prosthesis

Replacement for the same type is required due to loss or irreparable accidental damage

Replacement for a different type is required due to a significant change in the patient’s medical condition

Patient’s medical records* support that the device is still medically necessary

Supplier’s record documents the reason for the replacement