Patient's Resource Center

Upon receiving the initial orders from the physician, your documents will be reviewed and assigned to a Customer Service Representative. They will be giving patients / caregivers a call to do an initial intake (basic patient information required by insurance).

Depending on the equipment that was ordered, you may be asked to come in for a Face-to-Face. Patients may also be asked to bring a "Responsible Member" (someone that can be responsible for the patient in case patient is unable to contact us).


• Patient(s) will get assessed by nurse for clinical criteria that patient's have that is required for this product

• Nurse compares required criteria with what physician has written. Do you qualify and what needs to be done to qualify?

• Insurance rules that must be followed

If patient is being assessed for a wheelchair . . .
• Sign a consent form to take photos of patient in wheelchair

Physician's Resource Center

Equipment instructions are also listed next to the criteria to help patients or caregivers learn on the proper use of each equipment.

Prescription requirements for most insurance companies

Please fax your orders to (808) 982-3833 or (808) 982-3835

What we require:
1. A cover sheet to know who it is from, how to contact the office/facility, and who to contact
2. Prescription
3. Demographics
4. Clinical Documentations justifying the need for the equipment

Medicare Criteria & Equipment Instructions

Here is a list of equipment Rainbow provides under insurance. Please note the ANDs & ORs in the documentation.
Also do not write your clinical notes in bullet form / questions & answers / lists.

The links below are still under construction. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you need assistance, please send us an e-mail or call! (808) 982-3830.

Bath Safety Equipment     
Bedside Commode     

Breast Prosthesis     

Cane & Crutches     

CPAP & BiPAP     

Hospital Bed & Accessories     

Manual Wheelchairs



Pneumatic Patient Lift     

Power Operated Device     

Pressure Reducing Support Surfaces     

Suction Pump