Adjustable Seat Height Rollator

This Adjustable Height Rollator  is easily one of the most customizable rollators around! The universal height adjustment on the frame allows the seat height to be simply adjusted from 18" to 22". Because the seat can be adjusted to the low height of 18", this rollator is the perfect walking aid for someone under 5 feet tall to someone over 6 feet tall. The new seamless, padded seat includes a zippered pouch for added privacy and security of personal items. The removable, hinged, and padded back rest can be folded up or down. The 6" wheels easily navigate over uneven terrain. Deluxe loop-lock brakes are easy to use and the ergonomic handles are easy to grip, with a wide range of height adjustments


Folded Position

Canes and Crutches

Standard cane


Quad cane

Walker - Adult
Walker features anti-rattle "silencers" for quiet operation and comfortable PVC grips that are built to last against daily wear. The durable, lightweight aluminum frame offers side braces for added stability and is easy to lift and maneuver.

Adult Walker