• MANUAL BED  This bed is not electric. Manual cranks on foot end of bed raise and lower upper body and knees and bed height.
  • SEMI-ELECTRIC BED  This bed is semi-electric and cranks foot and head using an electric hand control. Manual crank to raise bed height.
  • FULLY ELECTRIC BED  This bed is fully electric and cranks foot and head and raises bed height using an electric hand control.
  • BARIATRIC HOSPITAL BED  This bed is fully electric with a weight capacity up to 750 lbs.
Manual Hospital bed

Manual Hospital bed

Semi-Electric Hospital bed

Semi-electric Hospital bed

Fully-Electric Hospital bed

Bariatric Hospital bed






Overbed Table with Auto-Touch
This over bed table is height adjustable, making it perfect for users when reading, writing or eating. Features an attractive walnut, wood-grain laminate top with molded edge for damage protection and includes casters to ensure smooth and easy mobility.
Overbed table

Over Bed Table

Half-Length and Full-Length Bed Rails
Bed rails meet the latest standard for patient safety, IEC 60601-2-52. The G30 rail features sturdy, one-inch diameter tubing and includes a rigid cross brace that provides enhanced strength and durability for added protection from entrapment risks. Bed rails, when properly used, are an important safety and accident prevention accessory.

Half-length rails

Full-length rails

Trapeze Bar with Trapeze
A wide range of height adjustments and handbar positions make it easy for users to get comfortable and maneuver while in bed. The handbar attaches to the bed without any tools for easy and convenient assembly.
Trapeze bar

Trapeze and Bar